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LLORÉNS ABOGADOS is a firm established in 1959 by the prestigious lawyer César Lloréns Barges and in the beginning it specialized in the field of Maritime Law.

Between 1979 and 2001, various professionals were incorporated until it became the largest legal advice firm in the Canary Islands, with offices in Madrid and Casablanca (Morocco).

Later, Lloréns Abogados merged with the legal advisory firm Díaz de Aguilar, until finally, almost all of its members joined the first firm in Continental Europe J&A Garrigues, reaching the status of partners of this firm five of the lawyers who came from Lloréns Díaz de Aguilar. This is the case of Mr. Juan Manuel Lloréns Betancor, who, once his time at the indicated Firm was over, decided to re-establish his old office.

At present, the field of his professional practice extends to various subjects such as Commercial Law, Labor Law, Public Law, Bankruptcy Law, Maritime Law, Civil Law, Procedural Law, and Arbitration, an energy sector at the forefront of whose specializations is a partner.

The Firm is backed by the experience of fifty-five years of practice, making it one of the best-known firms in legal advice to companies.

The Law Firm

Lloréns Abogados strives to provide its clients with specialist advice through direct personal contact from an independent standpoint, based on strict ethical and deontological principles.

We aim to give our clients a rapid response to their requirements for legal advice while also providing a high standard of technical expertise. This makes it essential for us to ensure ongoing training for our professionals and to continue to invest in technological resources.

Juan Manuel Lloréns Betancor
Founder of Lloréns Abogados

Areas of Practice

Company Law

Extensive experience in advising companies on corporate law, either as legal advisers or as secretary (not a director) of boards of directors of commercial companies ...

Commercial Contracts

At Lloréns Abogados we draft and negotiate all types of commercial contracts and advise our clients on the most beneficial terms and conditions for their particular...

Litigation and Arbitration

Experience in Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law and has acted as legal counsel in matters entrusted to it by clients at all stages of proceedings, including appeals...

Public Law

We act as consultants to provide advisory services and also defend clients in administrative and judicial review proceedings, both for private sector clients...

Real estate

Planning budgets for the right to construction. Land classification. Urban use. Building loads. Divisions and segregations ...

Employment Law

The Department is made up of a team of specialist professionals who maintain direct, personal contact with their clients, based on trust and constant availability.

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