Practice Areas

|  Energy and Gas Sector

The Lloréns firm has been closely linked to the energy sector, defending the interests of the entities that operate in the electricity and gas sector in all types of legal proceedings: civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigation.

Our advice has been adapting to the different needs of our clients, based not only on the judicial phase but also on the prejudicial phase with preventive advice.

We have been defending clients in the sector for more than 15 years in procedures of:

  • Supply quality (surges, supply cuts,…).
  • Handling Files / Anomalies of measuring equipment. Consumption recovery files.
  • Billing. Procedures for disagreement with billing.
  • Supply cuts due to non-payment (qualified subject vs tariff supply).
  • Vulnerable consumers.
  • Essential supplies.
  • Claims for breach of maintenance contracts.
  • Claims of amount for non-payment.
  • Claims in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Procedures in front of the administration.
  • Equity claim procedures against the administration.
  • Criminal Procedures: fraud of electricity, falsification of private document or identity theft (registration without consent), scams, etc.

Energy and Gas Sector