Practice Areas

|  Real Estate Sector - Real Estate Promotion

1. Urban budgets of the right to construction.
2. Soil classification.
3. Urban development.
4. Building loads.
5. Divisions and segregations.
6. Declaration of new construction and horizontal division.

7. Limitations to the building.

  • Measures and intermediate distances between public roads (holes, windows, lights and views, limitations due to urban planning).
  • Party walls.
  • Defense actions (injunctions, denial actions, etc.).

8. Work licenses.

  • Regulation.
  • Prior authorizations required by sector legislation.
  • Projects (technical requirements of buildings, technical building code ...).
  • Safety and health in construction.
  • Taxation (ICIO, FEES).

9. First occupation license and occupancy certificates.
10. Surface right.
11. Right of flight.
12. Solar exchange for future building.

13. Real estate work contracts.

  • Work execution contracts between the developer and the builder.
  • Promoter contracts with the rest of the construction agents.
  • Obligations of building agents.
  • Insurance.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Credit protection (direct actions against the principal, refactional privilege, worker guarantees, guarantees, and labor obligations.
  • Taxation.

14. Liability in construction: construction defects and damage to third parties.

  • The contractual liability.
  • Article 1,591 of the Civil Code and LOE.
  • Responsibility of the different agents of the building and distribution of responsibilities.
  • Insurances for defects or constructive defects.

15. Sales contracts.

  • Reservations.
  • Arras.
  • Private contracts.
  • Lease contracts with the option to buy.
  • Guarantees for advance amounts.
  • Protection of Consumers and Users.
  • Obligations of information, publicity, quality reports.

16. Building credits.

  • Mortgage loans to the developer and the purchaser.
  • New construction, horizontal division, and mortgage.
  • Subrogation and modification of mortgage loans.

17. Leases.
18. Horizontal property.
19. Housing cooperatives.
20. Officially protected housing.

Real Estate Sector - Real Estate Promotion