Practice Areas

|  Tax Law

Our firm includes an area specialising in tax advisory services for individuals, companies and all types of entities, where we provide:

  • ᭼ Tax planning for the business activity of professionals and companies, both for start-ups and current activities. Specific tax advisory service for Foreign-Securities Holding Companies, entities under the Tonnage Tax System, groups of companies and companies in a tax consolidation system, and companies adhering to the Canary Islands Special Zone.
  • ᭼ Tax advice on Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, indirect taxes (IGIC, IVA, Transfer Tax) and Tax on Commercial and Professional Activities.
  • ᭼ Legal and financial reviews in transactions relating to restructuring and sales and purchases of assets and/or company shares (Due Diligence).
  • ᭼ Advice in tax procedures (Inspection, Collection and Management).
  • ᭼ International tax planning and advice on Non-Resident Tax and tax on foreigners.
  • ᭼ Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Tax Law